The Riviera Development real estate development company

Riviera Development has been in the business since the end of 1990s – beginning of 2000s. Riviera Development implements a number of various projects in different spheres of construction.

Riviera Development is one of the largest development companies in Odessa’s real estate market; one of the company’s most large-scale projects is the construction of the «Chernomorskaya Riviera» town by the sea, and also the construction of Chkalov Tower.

Sfera Pro is a company that has been created to provide intellectual support of projects. The principal direction of the company’s activity is structural engineering and design of residential, commercial, and industrial real estate items.

The Sfera Pro company is not only engaged in designing, but it also renders consulting services from the beginning of an item’s construction (preparation of all the permission documentation) to its commissioning.

The most well-known projects implemented by the company are the Armeyskiy RC, the Levitana RC, the “House in Schorsa St.” RC.

High-Rise Construction Holding Ltd.

The High-Rise Construction Holding Ltd is the largest company in the Ukrainian construction market. The use of innovative technologies, along with high-quality equipment, has enabled the company to become the leading one in the south of Ukraine in the field of concrete production.

The direction of activity are: designing, construction, concrete structure production, metal structure installation and production, a construction technology laboratory.

VIKRA is the largest manufacturer of translucent structures made of PVC profiles in the south of Uktaine. The VIKRA window-making plant is a quality mark that has existed in the translucent structures market since 2000. The company is engaged in glazing of all Odecom Development’s construction projects.

MIZUI is the leader in production of lift parts, cabins, safety systems and escalators. The MIZUI company was created on the basis of the Mitsubishi corporation’s investment capitals and technologies (51% of the shares), and as of today it has been included in the list of Europe’s 500 largest manufacturers of lifting equipment systems. All the company’s products comply with the world’s quality standards, and have been certified in Ukraine. MIZUI’s products are among the most


“Firm” VIKANT “has been working on the metal rolling market since 1997 and is one of the leading metal traders in Ukraine. VICANT supplies metal products from the largest metallurgical plants of the countries of the European Union, the former CIS and Asia. The company is continuously developing and today has a distribution network consisting of 24 branches.

Viessmann is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of equipment for heat supply systems. The company was founded in 1917. Viessmann owns 27 plants in 11 countries. Viessmann — this is contemporary, cost-effective and eco-friendly heat supply equipment produced by the world’s best technologies.

The Europe real estate agency

The company Europe, working in the real estate market has reached considerable success. All 7 years we have been working hard, so that the agency “Europe” now occupies a place of honor in the list of leaders of Odessa. The impressive list of achievements includes 13 branches located in various areas of the city, the successful sale of more than a thousand objects, such as apartments, houses, land and office space.

The Premier real estate agency

The Premier real estate agency was organized on January 12, 2009. As of today, it is one of the largest agencies in Odessa. The Premier company consists of 18 branches located in different districts of Odessa and Chernomorsk.

The Premier real estate agency is engaged in selling a number of items, which belong to Odecom Development.