Our team

Odecom Development’s team consists of the best professionals in their field. Our team is represented with young, energetic specialists who always go forward and implement the most advanced ideas in the sphere of development and construction successfully.

Odecom Development organizes the entire system of work in the group of enterprises and is in charge of strategical, tactical and financial planning, and also administration and control.

The company is comprised of the following departments:

  • the commerce department
  • the marketing and advertising department
  • the project management department
  • the finance department
  • the construction department
  • the legal department
  • the НR department
  • the administrative department
  • the security service department

For the purpose of implementation of its projects, Odecom Development coordinates the work of the following organizations:

  1. The design organization:
  • the administrative and management personnel
  • the architects
  • the construction engineers
  • the utility network design group
  1. The general contracting organization:
  • the engineering and technical staff
  • the general construction divisions
  • the divisions for specialized (sanitary engineering, electrical fitting, etc) works
  • the divisions for large-scale and small-scale mechanization
  1. The maintenance organization:
  • the administrative and management personnel
  • the engineering service department
  • the dispatching department