Odecom Development Company successfully implemented a number of important projects for the city, which allows us to be among the leaders in the market of real estate of Odessa. Development Odecom Development is not limited to the Odessa region, most recently, the company opened an office in Barcelona (Spain).

Odecom Development follows the corporate governance principles that guide the world’s largest development companies. It is this approach to the work and professionalism of our team in the future will allow to take a leadership position in the development market of Ukraine.

Our company is open for cooperation and is constantly looking for new opportunities for a large number of interesting projects.

Odecom Development for the purpose of business development is looking for land for construction of residential and commercial projects.

Package of documents required for consideration:

  • A copy of the documents of title to land.
  • Cadastral plan.
  • Extract from the State Land Cadastre of the land plot.
  • Map or layout of the site with reference to the adjacent streets / Note presence / absence in the area of ​​utilities, map / communications circuitry in the scale of 1: 500 with their application (if available).
  • Offer indicating the vesting conditions.

All offers send to the address:

We hope for fruitful cooperation!