About us

The Odecom Development real estate development company is engaged in creating real estate items, from their designing to commissioning and further maintenance.

We render the following services:

Structural engineering


Preparation of all support documentation


Operation and management of real estate items


Our mission:

— We create conditions for successful development of projects, and render services of consistent high quality at all stages of project implementation.
—  As the foundation of our work at Odecom Development, we apply the principles of mutual respect, trust, responsible attitude and professionalism.
— Day to day, step by step, we build up the company our descendants will be proud of.

Our working principles are:

• high culture of doing business

• reliability, responsibility, comprehensive professional approach

• constant searching for optimal solutions

• individual and well-considered approach to implementation of each project

• our priority is quality but not quantity.

Our achievements:

As of today, there are quite a lot of versatile projects in Odecom Development’s portfolio: construction, partner, charity, and business projects. They all are successful: already implemented, or developing productively under the company’s control.

• The 10-storeyed residential complex with an underground parking at 123 Fontanskaya Doroga St. (2004-2006).

Low-rise apartment houses, up to 6 storeys (2004-2014).

Construction of cottages and town houses (2006-2010).

Chudo Gorod RC (2006-2007): participation in the project as a subcontracting organization.

Okeanis Rental House: commissioned in 2007, and functioning as a rental house.

The multi-family residential building at 9 Kanatnaya St., consultancy (2007-2008).

The Grey Diamonds RC, a mid-range residential complex consisting of two 22-storeyed buildings with a total area of 84,000 sq. m. Participation in the project as the company completing the construction.

The church in honor of the “Support of the Humble” icon of the Holy Mother of God: the church is situated in the territory of the Yanuch Korchak Municipal Children’s Rehabilitation Center at 3A Gaydara St. Participation in charitable financing of construction of the church from 2011 till the present time.

The Levitana RC: a residential complex consisting of 14-16-storeyed buildings (9 sections), with a total area of 55,000 sq. m. It is situated at 118D Levitana St. Since 2012 it has been under control of Odecom Development. As of today, the complex has been commissioned.

“The House in Schorsa St”: a residential complex with a total area of 12,000 sq. m. It is situated at 148/2 Svyatoslava Rikhtera St. The project’s implementation was started in 2014.

The Aqua Marine RC: a residential complex with a total area of 105,000 sq. m. It is situated at the 16th Station of Bolshoy Fontan, will be commissioned in the 4th quarter of 2018.

The Tairovskie Sady Microdistrict is a project of creating a “city within the city” that is unique for Odessa. The comprehensive development of the microdistrict provides for creating of all the necessary infrastructure. The construction was started in March 2017.